FEATURE FILMS Position Production Company  Director 2005 ** SEPTEMBER DAWN Production Designer Voice Pictures Chris Cain 2002 GOOSE Production Designer Voice Pictures Nick Kendall 2001 THE HITCHER 11: I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU Production Designer Universal / HEP Louis Morneau 1998 HELD UP Production Designer Minds Eye / Trimark Steve Rash 1996 THE EDGE Art Director Twentieth Century Fox Lee Tamahori 1996 WILD AMERICA Art Director Morgan Creek Bill Deare 1993 ** LEGENDS OF THE FALL Bedford Falls / Tri Star ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION Art Direction Prod.Designer:  L. Kilvert 1993 COOL RUNNINGS Art Director Steel Pictures / Disney John Turtletaub 1991 ** UNFORGIVEN Malpasso / Warner Bros.  ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION Art Direction Prod.Designer:  H. Bumstead 1990 ** BLOOD CLAN Production Designer Blood Clan Prod. Charles Wilkinson 1989 THE REFLECTING SKIN Production Designer Sky Host / Fugitive Features / BBC Philip Ridley 1989 THE FOURTH WAR Art Director Kodiak Films John Frankenheimer 1988 PRIMO BABY Production Designer Victory Film Prod. Eda Lishman 1986 BLINDSIDE Production Designer Simcom / Norstar Entertainment Paul Lynch ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION Position Production Company  Director 2010 HEARTLAND CHRISTMAS Production Designer Rescued Horse Prod for CBC Dean Bennett 2006 TOUCH THE TOP OF THE WORLD Production Designer Jaffe Baunstein for A&E TV Peter Winther 2003 CHICKS WITH STICKS Production Designer Earth to Sky / Nightingale Prod. Kari Scogland 2003 UNDERCOVER CHRISTMAS Production Designer Voice Pictures / Jaffe Braunstein for CBS Nadia Tass 2002 ** MONTE WALSH Production Designer TNT Simon Wincer 2001 SIGHTINGS HEARTLAND GHOST Production Designer Showtime B. Trenchard Smith 2000 PAPA'S ANGLES Production Designer Martin Reese Assoc. for CBS Dwight Little 2000 CHILDREN OF FORUNE Production Designer CBS Sheldon Larry 2000 ** HIGH NOON Production Designer TBS Superstation Rod Hardy 1999 ** THE VIRGINIAN Production Designer TNT Bill Pullman 1999 SHELDON KENNEDY STORY Production Designer Bradshaw Macleod Assoc for CTV Norma Bailey 1998 ** THE JACK BULL Production Designer HBO John Badham 1998 STRANGERS IN A SMALL TOWN Production Designer ABC / LIFETIME Allan Metzger 1997 OKLAHOMA CITY Production Designer ABC / LIFETIME John Korty 1995 ANGEL FLIGHT DOWN Production Designer CSP Film for ABC Charles Wilkinson 1995 THE RUBY SILVER Production Designer Kicking Horse / Green Epstein for ABC Charles Wilkinson 1994 HOW THE WEST WAS FUN Production Designer Kicking Horse / Green Epstein for ABC Stuart Margolin 1992 ** ONE MORE MOUNTAIN Production Designer Marian Reese Assoc. / Disney / ABC Dick Lowry 1992 MEDICINE RIVER Production Designer Kicking Horse / Heart Star for ABC Stuart Margolin Art Direction Position Production Company  Director 2007-15 HEARTLAND Seasons 2007 - 2015   157 episodes 2006 GRACE Pilot 2006 2004 THE MOUNTAIN Pilot 2004 2003 ** THE LEGEND OF BUTCH & SUNDANCE Pilot 2003 2004 ** INTO THE WEST EMMY NOMINATION Art Direction Mini Series 2004 Dreamworks / TNT Simon Wincer   I - MIGRATION R. Donheim  II - WHEEL TO THE STARS Prod.Designer:  M. Dobrowolski Mimica Gezzan III - DREAMS & SCHEMES 2002 EVERWOOD Pilot 2002 1994 ** LONESOME DOVE 1994 ** EMMY NOMINATION Art Direction Art Director Canadian Dove / RHI Production Designer Production Designer Production Designer The WB Network Production Designer ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION ** Indicates Period Western Genre Various Art Director TELEVISION SERIES Various Sergio Mimica Gezzan David Barrett Sergio Mimica Gezzan Mark Piznarski Rescued Horse Prod. / Seven24 for CBC Production Designer Once Upon A Time for NBC Wonderland for WBTV For FOX TV MOVIES FOR TELEVISION Art Direction R ICK  R OBERTS P RODUCTION  D ESIGN Phone: (403) 549-2119       Mobile: (403) 651-5138        E-mail: rafter2r@telus.net          Website: rafter2R.com MEMBER OF:   IATSE 212 & ADC Art Director Art Director E. Zwick Clint Eastwood
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