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In   spring   of   1994   bought   a   piece   of   land,   on   the   eastern   shoulder   of   the Porcupine   Hills,   ten   miles   west   of   Stavely. After   living   west   of   Millarville   for   a while   in   the   ’70’s,   it   wasn’t   what   I   had   thought   of   as   the   ideal   foothills location,   but   on   second   thought,   there   were   few   neighbors,   no   acreages, native   pasture   and   a   year   round   creek,   a   good   well,   and   power.     Also,   lots   of cattle    history    dated    back    to    the    late    19th    century...the    original    Oxley headquarters   are   about   a   mile   north   of   me. And   definitely   Chinook   country... not   many   trees,   and   a   bit   of   W   I   N   D      from   time   to   time!   So,   set   about developing   a   little   ranch....moved   out   of   my   wall   tent   and   into   a   closed-in building   December   16th   of   that   year,   with   heat   in   and   on   for   Christmas!     Since   then,   trees   and   garden;   corrals   and   X   fencing,   other   buildings   ...   so   it’s home...!