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What the heck is "artisanal beef"?  An   artisan   is   a   skilled   person   engaged   in   the   practice   of   a   craft,   who   may   through   experience   and   talent   reach   the   expressive   levels   of   an artist   using   his   hands,   mind   and   heart   in   his   work   and   what   he   creates.   The   adjective   "artisanal"   is   sometimes   used   in   describing   hand- processing   in   what   is   usually   viewed   as   an   industrial   process;   in   marketing,   used   to   describe   or   imply   some   relation   with   the   crafting   of handmade   food   products,   such   as   bread,   cheeses,   wine,   beer;   many   of   which   have   traditionally   been   handmade,   rural   or   pastoral   goods, "small batch" processes. How do we "hand make" our beef? Selection of the Breeding stock for- Grass Fed Genetics - Tenderness - Leanness & Flavour. ie. Welsh Black and Longhorn Cross   1 . No hormonal growth implants. 2 . No use of antibiotics (if an animal requires medication, it is removed from the beef market chain). 3 . No use of Ivermectin anti-parasitic control on beef animals; effective substitution with Apple Cider Vinegar. 4 . Yearlings fed hay with free choice mineral December through May and finished for 90 days on grass June through August. 5 . Subject to Quiet and Humane handling practices throughout their lives. 6 . Butchered   at   28   months   of   age,   more   or   less,   at   around   1000   lbs.   live   weight   resulting   in   tender,   smaller   cuts,   at   Foothills   Meat Processors in High River AB under gov't inspection. Hung from 14 to 18 days prior to custom cutting.
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