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Started   running   Longhorn   cows   on   summer   pasture   1995;   starting   my   own small   herd   of   Longhorn   x-roping   heifers   spring   of   2002,   with   first   calf   crop spring   2003,   using   various   Longhorn   bulls   on   and   off,   depending   on   their temperament   and   reaction   to   my   hospitality!   The   old   alpha   cow   you   see here   "Mama"...   12   years   old,   herd   boss,   a   great   mother,   and   leader   of   the pack   that   treed   a   bear   last   year   on   summer   pasture.   And   as   anyone   who has   eaten   it   will   attest,   nothing   has   the   flavor   and   leanness   of   Longhorn beef!