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R a f t e r 2 R . c o m
The   ranch   is   made   up   of   native   fescue   rangeland   in   a   rolling   topography   with a   creek   coulee   of   about   a   hundred   feet   of   depth   meandering   through   from south west to north east in a loopy L.  The   creek   (   un-named   )   is   double   spring   fed   from   two   adjacent   quarters,   one from   under   sand   stone   rock   in   a   bit   of   a   mini-canyon,   the   other   bubbling   up in   the   middle   of   a   native   prairie   flat   off   the   base   of   a   grassed   ridge.   It   is   only about   18   inches   wide   and   deep,   but   flows   year   round   at   a   good   rip   and reputedly   has   never   gone   dry!      It   flows   for   another   mile   after   leaving   the ranch   before   emptying   into   Willow   Creek   and   then   into   the   Old   Man   and hence the South Saskatchewan Rivers. Some    of    the    tops    have    suffered    erosion    and    we    are    in    a    program    of reclamation   through   composted   manure   and   winter   feeding   residue   with subsequent   replanting   with   native   seed   mix   to   a   major   degree   of   success. The   creek   is   a   natural   wildlife   conduit   for   Mule   deer   and   Whitetails,   coyotes and   foxes.   Sharp   tail   grouse   are   prevalent   with   a   nearby   lek,   along   with Hungarian   partridge,   and   pairs   of   ducks   nest   in   the   creek   wetlands;   over- flights of geese, swans and eagles on a seasonal rotation.