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CONTACT:  RICK ROBERTS 403-651-5138 or ORDER ONLINE HERE Taking orders now October - March While Supply Lasts
R a f t e r 2 R . c o m
Delivered to you in Calgary, at your convenience!
SOUP BONES FREE if You or Your Hound WANT THEM !!
 PACKAGES: WHOLE (300-400lb.) HALF or MIX 1/4 50 LB. COOLER PACK will fit in your Fridge Freezer
Process costs of $2.50+/lb included ... not tacked on additional on Hanging weight as in most Freezer Beef  deals!
50 % ROASTS: 3-4lb. per  Round, Sirloin Tip, Eye of Round PRIMES: Steaks -  1¼” thick 2 / pkg New York, Sirloin, Rib, X-Rib,                                    Round, Chuck 50%   Lean GROUND , STEWING beef, SHORT RIBS 1 1/2  lb pkg 50 LB. COOLER PACKS  WILL BE 25 LBS OF EACH OF THE ABOVE 100 LB. MIXED QUARTERS  WILL BE AS ABOVE WITH THE ADDITION OF BRISKET, FLANK STEAK, TENDERLOIN IN THE PRIME 50%.  
Cutting Order
Processed at FOOTHILLS in High River.
Govt. Inspected, Cut, Wrapped, Fresh Frozen
Taking orders now for  October - March While Supply Lasts ORDER ONLINE HERE
Order Here Order Here
$9.00 per lb. All in
Natural Beef Under 30 MOA Grass Finished 90 days